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Creative | Dynamic | Adaptable | Designer

It is hard to pin down exactly what I like doing best. Sometimes I lose myself in designing websites for hours. I have a blast finding out new ways to make sites more dynamic, entertaining, and fluid. Illustration has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember, the number one thing that would get me in trouble in grade school ended up being one of the passions that lead me to expand on my artistic ability. I took a photography class as an extracurricular and fell in love. Finding the right framing, getting the correct depth of field and exposure all came naturally to me. I never knew how fun photography could be. I have limited experience with animation, I have spent most of my time in Adobe Character Animator bringing my illustrations and doodles to life.

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    To exercise passion, explore the strange, and witness something completely unique.
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    To live in the right here right now, bring people together, and find something deeper.
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    To persevere, challenge adversity and bring forth life from stillness.

Work from my degree program.

Below are examples of works that I created throughout my time at RCTC.

MoGraph GIF I created for a business.

Playful, simple, and effective advertisement for their business.

Cinemagraph I created for the same company.

Simple but oh so fun to create!
Junkyes Concept sketch
Junky Illustration
Walter Character animator sceen shot
Scat Character animator screen shot
These are doodles turned illustration, turned digital rendering, turned character animation! A show I aptly dubbed "Junkys". Set in a junkyard, Junky the robot runs a dive bar. His regulars Walter, Scat, and Burt are always getting into trouble.

Eyes of Rochester 1
Eyes of Rochester 2
Eyes of Rochester 3
Eyes of Rochester 4
Eyes of Rochester 5
Eyes of Rochester 6
This was a project for my photography class I dubbed "The Eyes of Rochester". The concept was to ask complete strangers for the ability to capture their eyes through photography, without ever knowing their name and without ever knowing their story. I wanted their eyes to tell their story, and I wanted to combine them with the eyes of other people of Rochester to create a story of the city. I walked around Rochester in the freezing cold in Mid January, and I was happily surpised, I was only turned down by one person. Visually these are meant to hang together on a wall.

Logan's Strange MindA visual representation of my strange mind.
Zombies first photoship editMy first ever photoshop edit, placing zombies in an otherwise calm scene.
Jerry Uelsmann inspired project. Blended 3 photos.A project inspired by famous photographer Jerry Uelsmann, using exposure to combine images, this is 3 seperate photos combined to make one scene.
The 1992 St. Paul, MN Winter Carnival, represented using only shapes in Adobe Illustrator.

Roger's Home PageRoger's Tree & Asphalt Services. A website I created for a client. Check out the site by clicking on the image above or by clicking Here!
Roger's Tree service pageHere is an image of another one of his pages. Check out the site by clicking on the image above or by clicking Here!
Roger's gallery pageHere is an image of the gallery page for Roger's. Check out the site by clicking on the image above or by clicking Here!


I spend my days working for the man. By night I am a rogue designer, I love to create and it usually ends up being something strange! This doesn't mean that I don't have the ability to make aesthetically pleasing material. In fact, I believe I exceed expectations in a lot of ways. I hope you have taken the time to enjoy my portfolio, and I can't wait to add a project for you to it!


Zenker Creations, LLC
Castleview Dr NW Rochester
MN, 55901, US
P: (651) 895-0779
Email: logan.zenker@gmail.com